Dunkleosteus Fossil Bones, Devonian Ohio

Devonian fossil  bone from Dunkelosteus and others not identified.
Below are our most identifiable bones.
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Placoderm Jaw bone
Arthrodire Jaw bone


(We do not have the specimen of the
complete head pictured above.)

Most of the bones are presumed to have
belonged to Dunkelosteus-approx.350 mya
Others don't seem to match and we are
unable to identify.


There were many other species of marine
life at that time as well as animals that were
making their evolutionary transition from
marine to land animals.


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Head Armor shield

Skull side plate

Head Plate-Keel (A)

Fin or Tail Bone

Speculate-Lip Bone

Under Jaw Bone (A)

Rib Bone??


Upper Tooth

Magnified Bone

Maybe a fin bone?

Top Center, Head Plate

Head Plate, Keel (B)

Under Jaw Bone (B)

Head , Keel Bone (C)

Cranial Grooves