Snakes, frogs, toads, small fish, turtles, lizards, you name it.
Virtually any living creature can be freeze-dried no matter how small or unusual.

4 ft. Iguana




Baby Armadillo

15 inch diameter Ray

2 ft. Iguana


6 ft. Rattlesnake and an 8 ft. Boa Constrictor

Shown actual size, this baby Rattlesnake
died while trying to eat a lizard larger than itself.

We were able to preserve this unique event of nature
perfectly, intact and exactly as it happened.

Even the smallest, most fragile specimens can be preserved.
Drop us an email to get quotes on unusual requests.


30 in. Horseshoe Crab

It's no longer necessary to keep specimens in jars submerged
in toxic chemicals such as Formaldehyde.

If you are a collector freeze-drying is a great option for you.

If you are a Taxidermist we can preserve specimens for your
customers that you would normally have to turn down.

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