Anglers Taxidermy & Freeze-Dry. Huron, Ohio Fish, Small Game, Turkey Heads, Pets and more.

Misc. , Very Difficult, Unusual or Delicate Specimens

If you are a fellow Taxidermist you know how it is nearly impossible to skin &
mount a Catfish and other items without damage because they are so delicate.
Taxidermist and Taxidermy Customer you will be delighted to know that  
can preserve your Catfish and other fragile and difficult items perfectly & effectively.
(And they are the real thing not artificial.

Alligator Heads, measure length & width when requesting a quote.

25 pound Snapping Turtle


Channel Catfish

Real Catfisfish Mounts Not Reproductions.

Albino Catfish


Beaver Tail

40 inch Shark

Painted Turtle

Exotic Frog

Freeze-drying is quality unattainable by any other methods.

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