Important Information for Shipping Turkey Heads

Due to the bloody nature of  Turkey Heads it is very important
to package them properly to prevent blood from leaking through
the shipping carton. Both the USPS and UPS have the option of
not delivering packages in such conditions. Should this happen we
will not be responsible for packages which are not deliverable.
To avoid any shipping problems please consider the following.

 * Place a plastic bag inside the box before inserting insulation.        
Place the insulation inside the plastic bag. This will prevent blood
from leaking through the box.

* If you are shipping with a styrofoam cooler take the same          
precautions of placing a plastic bag inside the outer carton.
We've received coolers with blood leaking through the lid.

Seal the liner at the top with a knot or a wire twister.                  
Place each head separately into a zip-lock bag Prior to freezing.  
Double or triple bagging with disgarded shopping bags will help
insure a leak proof, safe shipment.

If you have any concerns feel free to email or call us.

General Shipping  Info & Packaging Recommendations

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