Shipping Instructions

Our mailing address is
                                       & Freeze-dry
 Richard A. Schwenn
     197 State Rt. 61 E.   
Norwalk, Ohio 44857

Prior to sending specimens be sure to contact us by email

Most importantly, we want the specimen be at least cold when we
receive it at our shop. Since shipment can take up to 3 days, it is    
essential that the specimen be well insulated & frozen solid.


Packing Guidelines

* Place specimens (seperately) in a plastic bag & seal with a twister.              
*Place in a freezer & freeze it solid.                                                   
*Wrap tightly in news paper about 2 inches thick. Foam rubber
  is a good insulation and chemical freezer packs are helpful also.
  16 oz. plastic bottle of frozen water last a long time and are cheap.

*Place it back in the freezer for several hours.                                
*Just prior to shipping, box or wrap in cardboard & ship ASAP.
  We recommend insulated styrofoam containers or foam lined
  boxes cardboard boxes.
  Ship your package later in the day to avoid additional time out
  of the freezer.
*Write down any mounting instructions you might have for me.

SOME DOs....................
*Do feel free to use ice packs or ice along with your frozen specimens.
*Do feel free to use a styrofoam cooler or a styrofoam lined box to serve as

  an insulative material. Crumpled newspaper , foam peanuts  or air bubble
   wraps, have very little or no insulative value.

*Do feel free to email us at if you
have any questions at all.  

SOME DO NOTS...........

*Do Not ship items frozen in water unless they are placed in a waterproof
   cooler. Ice melts, saturates the box and could end up being ruined.

*DO NOT require a signature to make delivery. In most overnite services
  this will require that you tell the freight service you "DO NOT want a
  required signature to make the delivery"

Before shipping see that the following information is enclose.........

*Mounting instructions for each specimen.
*Each item properly tagged & identified.
  Note-If a special permit or license is required to possess a
  specimen, be sure to enclose the permit number or the ID tag
  as required by the laws of your State.

*Your name & return shipping address.
*Your 50% deposit or full payment.
Payments can be made with a Personal Check, Money Order or
 Credit Cards on-line with PayPal.
You don't have to have a PayPal
                      account to use your credit card.

 Our PayPal ID is ...

                           Checks & Money Orders should be payable to....
                                                Richard A. Schwenn

Ship via UPS, USPS or Fed-Ex (overnite) in the Summer
2nd day deliveries works as well during the Winter


Email us if you have any  questions.

Anglers Taxidermy
                                       & Freeze-dry
 Richard A. Schwenn
     197 State Rt. 61 E.   
 Norwalk, Ohio 44857


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