Freeze-dry Taxidermy, Fish, Turkey Heads, Small Game & Misc.
Freeze-drying  is quality unattainable by any other method
Anglers  Freeze-dry Preservation

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Lizards of all species and sizes

72 pound Asian Grass Carp

 Difficult and fragile items

Attention to detail

    Strange and Unusual


    Small Animals and Small Pets

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Some facts about Freeze-drying

Aquarium and Exotic Fish


Taxidermy Services

Freeze-dry Turkey Heads
Fish Taxidermy

Deer Fawn,  Hooves & Antlers

Super Fragile 
Snakes & Misc.

Small Game & Small Pets

Our Bobcat


Devonian Fossils
Visit our fossil site and look into the  prehistoric past.
       More than a hundred million years before the Dinosaurs.        


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NOTE  We do not buy or sell animals or animal parts.
We preserve only what clients supply to us, accompanied
with the proper, legal possession permits as required by law.


Anglers Taxidermy
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